Megan Strickfaden

Megan Strickfaden is an educator, designer and anthropologist. She is an associate professor at the University of Alberta (Edmonton), a teaching fellow at Ryerson University (Toronto) and research fellow at Hasselt University (Belgium). She has been teaching and writing curriculum on topics such as design methods and processes, research methods, material culture, and critical disAbility studies for twenty-five years; has trained more than 50 graduate students in Edinburgh, Belgium, the USA and Canada.

She has worked full-time as a design consultant and continues to combine practice with research. Her more recent work includes films: Light in the Borderlands (2013), Evolving Lines (2015), Dementia Care by Design (2015) and the Cigarette (2016).

Her research programme focuses on examining how specialty environments and products support quality of life for older adults and people with different abilities. Current projects include: researching de Hogeweyk (dementia village) in the Netherlands; researching care environments in China; researching how disability is represented at three national museums across Canada; researching the clothing taskscape towards better designed specialized apparel; and conducting precedent-based research on technologies that assist caregivers.

She is the co-editor of Space and Culture, Special Issue: (Im)Materiality: Designing for More Sense/s (2012); Rethinking Disability: World Perspectives in Culture and Society (2016) and the editor of Societies, Special issue: Interrogating Representations of dis/Ability within and through Material Culture (2016).