Ermal Kapedani

Ermal Kapedani is a Canadian architect who has studied and worked in several countries including Canada, Netherlands, UK and now Belgium. He has a keen interest in holistic design that takes into account the process, the product and the people. 
Ermal's current PhD research at Hasselt University focuses using a general sense of comfort as a synergetic integration of Universal Design and Energy Efficiency in order to improve home renovation concepts in Flanders. The research is connected to the Mutatie+ Living Lab project. 
Previously Ermal has worked on designing residential projects at Patel Taylor Architects in London, UK. At the Canadian Embassy in the Hague he helped to build, the Dutch-Canadian sustainable building and planning network. And as part of the ReVolt House team at TU Delft he participated in designing and developing a solar powered house for the Solar Decathlon 2012 international competition.