Daniela Gilardelli

Daniela Gilardelli Dott, MBA, CMC is an Italian consultant, trainer and lecturer, working in West-Europe and USA. She has 40yrs experience in management (especially project management), organization, start-up, marketing and communication.

She has two goals:

  • helping DfA’s development from the academic world to every day’s life
  • promoting successful and stable business activities between American and European companies and organizations. Helping companies to be successful in foreign markets (USA and West Europe).

In 1987, after an experience as Landis & Gyr Marketing Manager Italy and Brand Manager Europe, she opened her own consulting firm “studio gilardelli”, focusing on small and middle businesses. In 2007 she co-founded with Avril Accolla and Luigi Bandini Buti the network “confluenze”, in which the offices of 3 disciplines (marketing, design and ergonomics) merge to promote innovative DfA solutions. “studio gilardelli” changed name in “going international” in 2014 when she opened a second office in USA focusing more on international consulting. Besides consulting she also coached and trained middle managers, held seminars in Industrial Associations and Chambers of Commerce, lectured in 3 Italian and 1 American University, spoke in many conferences and wrote on her proprietary marketing methodologies.

She got involved in DfA in 2001 and has been a member of the DfA Italia board of directors with the mandate for marketing before leaving for the USA. In these 15 years her main DfA contributions have been:

  • founding the marketing approach to DfA in the book “Design for All, il progetto per l’individuo reale” (published by F.Angeli in 2009)
  • designing and leading the “Idea DfA” project, the first Italian project to promote DfA in the SME’s, sponsored by the Milan Chamber of Commerce
  • writing the booklet “Il progetto Idea DfA” which describes the iter of the project and its results. The booklet gives also the guidelines for SME’s wanting to develop DfA solutions. (published by the chamber of Commerce of Milan in 2010)
  • asserting in DfA Italia the importance and advantages of developing a DfA quality assessment system
  • leading the team developing the Italian system of quality labels for DfA solutions
  • writing and speaking on DfA. Her last presentation was at AHFE 2016 and the related white paper was published by Springer
  • teaching DfA Marketing as a non faculty member in 3 universities: Politecnico di Milano, Naba, Domus Academy