UD film festival


This is a Universal Design film screening and panel presentation that reflects upon architecture and the built environment by means of users. Through the films we explore three distinct themes: diversity of users and use in the world, the relevance of Universal Design, and the opportunities of Universal Design. This is accomplished through examples of various urban places in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Finland, the USA and Canada.

The films shown represent different kinds of abilities, disabilities, inclusion and exclusion through designed things and environments. The aim of this film screening and panel presentation is to question, critique and celebrate how designed things and dynamic environments enable, support, alienate or disrupt people’s behaviours, interactions and relationships.


Curators: Jasmien Herssens, Ermal KapedaniMegan Strickfaden (chair)

Panel: Aerlan Barrett, Jo Berben, Patrick Devlieger, Marc Dujardin, Hubert Froyen, Elizabet Iglesias, Eline Jammaers and Megan Strickfaden (Chair).

When: Wednesday October 12th 2016, 19:30 - 22:00

Registration: Register here, free entrance





Part 1: Diversity in the world and Relevance of Inclusive Design

De Hogeweyk: A Material Look into Dementia Care (2015 the Netherlands & Canada)

8:00 Minutes by Steven Hope with Nicole Gaudet and Megan Strickfaden

A documentary film project about a village for people with dementia in the Netherlands.

This film is created to provoke Alberta policy-makers to reconsider dementia care

towards the social and material models.

Light in the Borderlands (2012 Canada)

9:37 Minutes by Adolfo Ruiz and Megan Strickfaden

An artistic experimental documentary of three journeys recorded by legally blind participants in urban spaces in Edmonton Alberta. This film features three places in Edmonton: the mall, the gallery and the gym through the eyes of legally blind people.

The Cigarette (2016 China & Canada)

13:45 Minutes by director Aerlan Barrett (Pothos Production)

This ethnographic documentary film shows the “smoking taskscape” of a senior citizen in China. It is shot in real-time which makes it uncomfortable to watch because of it’s slow pace. The aim of this film is to develop sympathy, empathy with older adults while illustrating the designed environment of a taskscape.

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of the Budascoop in Kortrijk (2011 Belgium)

15:00 Minutes directed by Marc Dujardin

This film uses humour to present the successes and failures of the Budascoop, a movie theatre in Kortrijk, through universal design. Actors portraying people with various ‘disabilities’ (including a drunk tourist, a woman in a wheelchair and a man who is blind) go on an outing to see a film and in the process encounter various mishaps and barriers.

ESKE Inclusive Design Clips (Finland)

5:30 Minutes produced by ESKE (5x films, spread between longer ones)

The Accessibility Centre ESKE of the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, in cooperation with the city of Helsinki, has produced a series of short films which promote an understanding of the importance and relevance of Universal Design to different people and in different situations. They are aimed at architects, planners and other professionals involved with the design, construction, and maintenance of our built environment. ESKE has produced 50 videos so far, 5 of which will be screened here. 


Intermission | Pause

Part 2: Opportunities of Universal Design, Design for All, Inclusive Design

Among the Giants: How an Innovative Nonprofit is Rethinking Design (2009 New York)

23:01 Minutes directed/produced by Cory Tomascoff

A short documentary film that tells about a non-profit organization called Adaptive Design Association (ADA). The mission of ADA is that all children (and eventually adults) with disabilities get the equipment and adaptations they need to participate fully in the community. The story is told through the voices of various people who are designers ‘on the ground’ working to create specialized objects.

iCUP (2014 Edmonton)

6:03 Minutes directed by Adam Bently

Edmonton’s stand-alone public bathrooms opened at the corner of Whyte Avenue and Gateway Boulevard with a design that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. This short documentary asks how much privacy are we willing to lose to satisfy our need for a “safe” washroom?

Premiere for Belgium: Inclusive the Film (2016)

21:03 Minutes, Microsoft Design

A view into how we can design for human motivations and needs, expanding interactions to become more inclusive and seeing diversity differently: as a dynamic inspiration for creatives. Learn how human-led design makes a deep and connecting impact, leading to innovative and inclusive solutions.



Hasselt University, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt, Oude gevangenis: Louis Rope auditorium